Jayan Krishnan

With a Masters in Computer Applications and having worked in The Hindu, he moved on to work in Hewlett Packard, USA as a Software Design Engineer. Being a Project Management Professional enabled him to manage resources and projects with ease. He has always been known as an enterprising guy since his college days as he enjoys organising elaborate cultural events wherever he can, to bring together people from various ethnic background. He enjoys travelling to various places to understand their culture as is his passion for history. His sense of humour makes it a joy to work with him. He enjoys playing tennis, badminton and loves watching movies and listening to music. He is responsible for the financial administration, operations and imparts innovative methods of teaching.

Anitha Dorairaj

Anitha is a Civil Engineering graduate from CET, who moved to USA to work for internet start ups in the IT world of Java and Web design. After about 7 years of experience in web design and server team, a short stint as a primary school educator in USA made her realise the power to influence young minds being a Teacher. She believes that answering the curious questions of young minds is the first step to influencing a child. Hobbies include reading thrillers, writing articles and movie critic, listening to music, dancing, baking and cooking cuisines from all over the world. She is the academic coordinator responsible for designing curriculum, training teachers, staff resource management and counselling for staff and children.



Bodhi is a new generation school empowering young minds to achieve excellence through a foundation of conceptual learning.


Our mission is to prepare children to become self-reliant, strong individuals; to teach them to grow intellectually with social and emotional maturity. It is during these first few years that potential vocabulary, math and logic skills are largely determined and emotional stability is greatly affected. By providing the child with all the nutrients during their peak growth, we help to ensure the self-confidence and prosperity of their future.


Bodhi’s team or “Pillar of Strength” as we like to call is the love and passion of our Teachers and Helpers.

Our teachers are our biggest asset to our children who love and adore them immensely! The cheerful, energetic and enthusiastic teachers strive to give the best environment to the children by being a guide, friend and preacher.


She started working in Bodhi in 2013 January, after her brief experience in Jumbo kids, Bangalore. Though she enjoyed Shakespearean plays while studying BA English Literature, she is now a big fan of Tinkle comics! Her enthusiastic energy and flexibility is always a cheer to all! She enjoys singing and dancing. Her ability to speak many languages makes it easy to befriend kids and make them feel at home.

Jasmin T.V

Joined Bodhi in January 2013 after her Pre Primary Teachers Training Course. Though she is a commerce graduate with a B Ed in Hindi, her flair for teaching is in Mathematics and Malayalam. She enjoys teaching kids using fun methods so they learn as they play. She enjoys dancing and has abundance of talent in various craft works like glass painting, fabric painting, doll making, jewellery making and recently into canvas painting! Her eye for perfection in craft work is impeccable.

Jyothi Krishnan

Joined Bodhi in 2012 after her Montessori Teachers Training Course. She has varied experience as a medical transcriptionist and a stenographer in a CA firm; later found her calibre as a teacher when she started teaching her son. With a Masters in English Literature and a Diploma in Commercial Practice, she is a great asset to Bodhi in terms of being a fine multi tasking leader. Awareness at an early age for young minds is what she strongly believes in. She enjoys reading fictional novels and likes to experiment her cooking skills. She feels long drive to distant places is the best form of relaxation.

Manju Sahan

Having worked in Bodhi since January 2012, her charm of being cool and compassionate towards students has made her the favourite counsel for all kids. With a degree in BCom and more than 3 years of experience in the field of Primary education, she enjoys teaching young kids new concepts along with the importance of good habits and manners. Her hobbies are gardening, stitching, listening to music and flower making.


Joined Bodhi in 2012 as a part of her Pre Primary Teachers Training Course with a degree in BA Economics; expressed interest to continue for the enriching experience she gained. She enjoys the company of children and never gives up on any child till she finds a way to make them understand the concepts taught. She enjoys cooking, listening to music and going on long drives to visit new places.

Sheeba Ann Periera

Having joined Bodhi since July 2010, she is one of our valued staff who has a keen eye for detail when it comes to overall development in every child. Though she has worked in sales and front desk office for a short period of time, being a teacher comes naturally. She has a special way to handle tiny tots with love and instilling discipline in them. She believes that it is a never ending learning experience with every child. She enjoys singing and watching comedy movies and reading journals. Her timely sense of humour makes her a joy to be around!

Sindhu .V

Has been working with Bodhi since July 2011 as a Prep I teacher. With her BEd in Natural Science, Diploma in Computer Management and a Higher Diploma in Co-operation and Business Management, she has more than 5 years of experience in educating young children in both private and public schools. She engages in bringing new and innovative methods of teaching to kids of varied age groups. She enjoys cooking, listening to music and spends most of her time reading journals and books to keep herself updated.


Our helpers have a special way of caring for the children with lots of love, patience and elderly passion towards helping young minds pave a good way to the next generation.


She joined Bodhi in April 2012 with 4 years of experience in working with kids at various schools. She enjoys teaching children and reading journals. Her active nature and interest in learning and reciting English rhymes to small kids is worth mentioning.


She joined Bodhi in May 2013 with 4 years of experience in cleaning service and rearing children. She enjoys cooking and being around children.

Usha Rajan

She is our first employee who joined us at the start of Bodhi in July 2009. She has about 8 years of experience working in other schools and as a home nurse. She is a multi faceted strong lady who is also an active social worker in the Farmers society and the Secretary of Mahila Sangham, Bala Nagar. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, loves telling stories to kids, singing naadan paatu, reading journals and sharing her vast experience with others about parenting and child rearing.


With a brief experience in a packaging industry, she joined Bodhi in May 2013 to enjoy being around kids. Her passion to be with children and be a grandmother figure helped many feel at home. Her interests include cooking, cleaning and reading journals.

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