Our Vision & Mission

Bodhi is a new generation school empowering young minds to achieve excellence through a foundation of conceptual learning.

Our mission is to prepare children to become self-reliant, strong individuals; to teach them to grow intellectually with social and emotional maturity. It is during these first few years that potential vocabulary, math and logic skills are largely determined and emotional stability is greatly affected.

By providing the child with all the nutrients during their peak growth, we help to ensure the self-confidence and prosperity of their future.

Core Team

Jayan Krishnan


With a Masters in Computer Applications and having worked in The Hindu, he moved on to work in Hewlett Packard, USA as a Software Design Engineer. Being a Project Management Professional enabled him to manage resources and projects with ease. He also acquired an MBA in Educational Administration.He has always been known as an enterprising guy since his college days as he enjoys organising elaborate cultural events wherever he can, to bring together people from various ethnic back ground. He is responsible for the financial administration, operations and imparts innovative methods of teaching.

Anitha Dorairaj


Anitha is a Civil Engineering graduate from CET, who moved to USA to work for internet start ups in the IT world of Java and Web design. After about 7 years of experience in web design and server team, a short stint as a primary school educator in USA made her realise the power to influence young minds being a Teacher. She has worked to acquire her MA in Psychology too and has accomplished to be the 38th zonal level winner in Secondary school English in the Centa Teaching Professionals Olympiad.

TEACHERS – Our pillar of strength

Bodhi’s team or “Pillar of Strength” as we like to call is the love and passion of our Teachers and Helpers.

Our teachers are our biggest asset to our children who love and adore them immensely! The cheerful, energetic and enthusiastic teachers strive to give the best environment to the children by being a guide, friend and preacher.

Here are some of the CHALLENGES our teachers take pride in teaching kids:

  • Coach each child according to their level
  • Help acquire skills to make wise choices in life
  • Amplify their self confidence by self realisation.
  • Laugh their way to be optimistic and strong.
  • Learn to acquire practical life skills in today’s world
  • Emphasize the importance of physical well being – internal and external
  • Notice their hurdles to overcome without giving in to pressure
  • Groove to any music without hesitation.
  • Embrace skills to learn etiquettes of everyday life.
  • Safe use of technology