Why the name BODHI?

The name ‘Bodhi’ reminds one of Lord Buddha’s enlightenment attained under the famous Bodhi tree. We at Bodhi strive to empower young minds through our perseverance in motivating and rearing great achievers.

Bodhi also signifies the life of a human. A sapling grows into a well rooted, strong and giving tree if it receives good care and favourable environment while growing up. We work towards giving our children a nourishing environment in their early years so they grow into strong and smart individuals who have a large heart to give back to the society and lead the way for the next generation.

Few strengths of Bodhi:

  • First of its kind in Trivandrum instilling phonics at a young level.
  • Early readers - we have proven record that our children read by the end of KG Prep2.
  • Best of both worlds: incorporating Indian and US methods of teaching.
  • Curriculum at par with international standards.
  • Inculcating good habits, manners and dining etiquettes at a young age.
  • Use of learning aids and contemporary educational tools.
  • Imbibing the patriotic spirit along with overall development in personality including emotional maturity, social behavior, creative thinking.
  • Practical life skills to lay a strong foundation for their future.
  • Inclusive environment to provide equal opportunity to all
  • Open door policy with parents to address any concerns and welcome suggestions with an open mind
  • Quarterly one on one meeting with parents updating the developments of your child
  • Safe non toxic play equipment.

How to choose a preschool

The moment has arrived. Your little baby has sprouted wings and is ready to leave the nest – at least for a few hours. Looking out for pre schools?

So how important is this? It turns out, very. Those crayons and pipe cleaners may look innocent enough, but how and where they're introduced can have long-reaching ramifications.

Preschool plays a large role in later academic success. "Children in high quality preschools display better language, cognitive, and social skills than children who attended low quality programs." They have longer attention spans, stronger social abilities, and better language and math skills well into their elementary school careers. In fact, 20 or 30 odd years after they've put down their wooden blocks and stepped away from the sand table, they're still reaping the benefits – they're more likely to graduate from high school, more likely to hold high paying jobs, even more likely to pursue their dreams.

While most schools offer some amount of circle time and finger paint, they are not all the same. Here's how to sort through the preschool mumbo jumbo, and pick the right place for your child.


Small step into primary school, is a huge step into their future.

When a parent is looking out for a school to start their child’s formal education that would lay a strong foundation on the child’s basics and character, it is definitely a humungous task. The school that one chooses must be able to accept the child’s areas of improvement and strengths with equal ease. The school with its expertise has to work hand in hand with the parents to help create the best reinforcements for the child at school and at home. This being done, the child will bloom into its best self, happily and confidently.

It is always a joy to watch children grow and even more satisfying to be a part of the child’s progress. So find a school not for convenience of travel or finance, but for the betterment of your child, the beautiful being that you created and brought into this world. Take utmost care in the initial years to instill that independent thinking, as with proper guidance, it would help them in their future endeavours.