Process for new admission

a. Check the table below for minimum age requirement. Depending on the child’s assessment an appropriate class will be recommended to keep them challenged as per their knowledge. Parents are expected to work with the school regarding their decision to help the child develop new skills.

b. Visit our office to enquire about what is expected for each child’s age group before joining a class and basic fee details.

c. Take an appointment in our office regarding your child’s one on one assessment date and time.

d. The child will be assessed by a teacher one on one to understand their strengths and areas of improvement

e. The teacher will discuss in detail to the parents.

f. Parents may think it out and decide to purchase the application form if they are willing to help their child grow during the early years in Bodhi.

g. Fill in the form and submit it with the required documents to confirm admission of your child.

Minimum age of the child Eligible class to be admitted
2.5 years Foundation Stage (Pre-KG)
3.5 years KG Prep I (LKG)
4.5 years KG Prep II (UKG)
5.5 years Grade I

Note: Add one year to minimum age of the child for every grade increment.

All applications for enrolment are accepted without regard to ethnicity, religion, gender or national origin.

Current Students

The school automatically enrolls current students who have paid admission fee for the following year after the school has determined and discussed with the parent that there is a compatible placement available. All admissions are subject to comportment and academic performance. Accounts must be in good standing to qualify for re-enrolment.