Welcome to Bodhi School!

What we want is to see the child in pursuit of knowledge, and not knowledge in pursuit of the child.

George Bernard Shaw

Bodhi is a new generation school empowering young minds to achieve excellence through a foundation of conceptual learning.

We at Bodhi believe that every child is born as an open blank page. There is immense potential to mould them and bring out their best through overall development. This can be achieved by provoking their thoughts and motivating them to be better individuals. We plan to adopt contemporary and innovative methods of educating a child. We strive towards upbringing children to be more responsible and develop value based morale to face the challenges of tomorrow.

Our love of children and the passion to build a better tomorrow through young minds is the driving force towards achieving the excellence of our school.

We believe that parents and teachers play a major role in influencing young minds. The support of vibrant dedicated staff with immense energy and love for children helps build a fulfilling environment best suitable for the growth of a complete individual.

Our Specialities

Starting early and starting right is the best foundation we can give to our next generation.

Our mission is to prepare children to become self-reliant, strong individuals; to help them grow intellectually with social and emotional maturity. It is during these first few years that potential vocabulary, math and logic skills are largely determined and emotional stability is greatly affected. By providing the child with all the nutrients during their peak growth, we help to ensure the self-confidence and prosperity of their future.

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To instill interest in science at a young age
offer 2

Nritta Yoga

Yoga for all ages.
offer 3

Drama Academy

Skills Program from Helen O’Grady International drama academy
offer 2


Super Child Development Program for kindergarteners
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Chess Shcool

To improve the mental ability of child
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Kung Fu classes for Grades I and above

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School reopened